Napa Valley romantic getaway has picturesque vineyards, secluded and intimate resorts nestled in the backdrop of majestic Napa mountains and enjoyable mild weather year round. Napa Valley is an ideal destination for eager couples to celebrate their love and affections. More than 400 wineries dot the fertile soils of Napa Valley, one of the world’s premier wine regions and famous for its prized Cabernet Sauvignon. While Napa Valley is world renown for producing some of the best wine across the globe, only a mere 4% of wine grapes grown in California comes from Napa Valley. Located just 50 miles northeast of San Francisco, it is a short drive from several airports in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Travel tips
  • Consider hiring a driver or use Uber/Lyft/cab so that you can enjoy wine tasting safely.
Recommended daily itinerary

Estimated cost: $2500-$5500 per person

Day 1

First day of the trip, check in to your hotel and get settled.

  • Fly into SFO or nearby airport and drive to Calistoga.
  • Checkin to Solage, an Auberge resort. This 22 acres resorts features a massive 130 feet swimming pool, geo-thermal pools exhilarating and soothing spa facilities, innovative yet classic dining and complimentary bike rentals. Explore fantastic amenities provided and get settled.
  • Explore the resort and rest for the day.
Day 2

Explore the town of Calistoga

  • Enjoy your breakfast at Solage.
  • Enjoy morning spa at Solage.
  • Head over to Sam’s social club for lunch.
  • Walk or bike around downtown Calistoga. The main street, Lincoln Avenue, is lined with tasting rooms, galleries, and cafés.
  • Head back to Solgae to dine at Solbar. Solbar divides its menu into light, delicate flavors to stimulate your palate, and bold, savory dishes to comfort your soul, all with ingredients that showcase the best of what’s fresh and seasonal in the Napa Valley.
Day 3

Rutherford and Yountville

  • After an early morning breakfast at Solage, make your way to Rutherford to explore wineries in Rutherford area which are known to have distinct herb and fruit flavors. 
  • Visit Rutherford hill winery where you can not only sample wines but tour the wine caves.
  • Head over to Harvest table, a wine country kitchen featuring menus that highlight locally sourced ingredients and the best of the Napa Valley.
  • Head over to Yountville for an afternoon stroll, or practice your golf swings at Vintner’s Golf club, a destination for golf lovers the world over. 
  • Headback to Solage for dinner and get rested for the day.
Day 4

Soak in the mesmerizing views of beautiful vineyards in a magical hot air balloon ride.

  • Get up early for a sunrise flight in a hot-air balloon over the Napa Valley with Balloons Above the Valley. You will fly above the vineyards for an hour.
  • Head over to Oxbow public market for a mexican lunch at C Casa Napa.
  • Explore the City of Napa on foot or bike enjoying wine, music and sceneries.
  • Head back to Solage for a romantic starlight night experience under the bathhouse for a memorable romantic evening. Make sure to make reservations in advance.
Day 5

Last day of the trip

  • Enjoy amenities at Solage until your flight time. Pack your bags and get ready to leave with a rejuvenated body and soul

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