Known as the healthiest town in the country, Boulder will certainly entice the athlete in you taking you on an adventure trip. In this trip, you’ll hike iconic flatirons, shred down hill on your mountain bike and climb golden sandstone walls in the world famous climbing mecca.


Travel tips
  • It is easy to get inebriated after only a drink at high altitude, cut back on drinks and smokes if you aren’t acclimated for high altitude.
  • The alpine sun is very strong and Colorado gets 300+ sunny days per year. Wear protective gears and sunscreen.
  • Drink a lot of water to help with high altitude and hot sunny days.
Recommended daily itinerary

Estimated cost: $2500-$5500 per person

Day 1

First day of the trip, check in to your hotel and get settled.

  • Fly into Denver international airport.
  • Drive to Boulder and checkin to Hotel Boulderado. For more than 100 years, Hotel Boulderado has been one of the most famous landmarks in Boulder, Colorado. Located in the heart of downtown, it is one block away from the popular Pearl Street Mall. Enjoy elegant rooms with charming décor, plush furnishings and modern amenities.
  • Stroll through downtown Boulder and get yourself settled.
Day 2

The jaw-dropping rock walls flanking Green Mountain of Flatirons have become the symbol of the city, with many Boulder businesses sporting their image as a logo.

  • Enjoy your breakfast in Lucile’s Creole Cafe. We recommend eggs benedict.
  • Pack your lunch for the day and head over to the south Mesa Trail head to hike up to bear peak summit. It’s a strenuous hike so carry enough water and sun protection. The hike up to Bear Peak starts out on a gradual ascent up the mesa, then follows the route of Fern Canyon until it breaks out into an open saddle between South Boulder and Bear Peaks. The last bit to the summit is a scramble along a real knife edge to its pointed peak.
  • Drive to the Flatirons. Hike this easy classic trail in Boulder that takes you across the open meadows of the park, then ascends up the long ridge of the Second Flatiron before passing through the gateway between the two stunning rock spires. The trail curves around to the back side of the First Flatiron where you can scramble up to a natural alcove and take in views of the snowcapped Rocky Mountains in the west. Enjoy sunset views over the flatirons.
  • Enjoy your dinner at Spruce Farm & Fish. We recommend salmon & shiitake risotto.
Day 3

Eldorado Canyon State Park area is known as one of the world’s finest and most famous climbing areas. The park consists of two areas, the Inner Canyon and Crescent Meadows.

  • Enjoy your breakfast at Lindsay’s Boulder Deli at Haagen-Dazs. We recommend della toscana sandwich. Pack your lunch for the day.
  • Rent your climbing gears from REI boulder. Make sure to call in advance and reserve your gears. Drive to Eldorado Canyon State Park. The canyon consists of steep, beautiful conglomerate sandstone walls of up to 700 feet high, in brilliant shades of gold and red. The rock quality is reminiscent of granite rather than the soft sandstone found throughout much of Utah and Arizona. Climb walls that matches your level, pick from beginner popular routes like Wind Ridge and Calypso or intermediate world renowned classics include The Naked Edge, Vertigo or expert walls such as Scary Canary and Your Mother. For your safety, always climb with a partner and use protective gears such as helmet and crash pads.
  • Enjoy your dinner at The Kitchen American Bistro. We recommend cast iron roasted chicken.
  • Head back to your hotel and rest up for the day.
Day 4

Known for a distinctive bike culture, it’s no wonder that biking is one of the best ways to get around Boulder. The Boulder Valley has more than 300 miles of bikeway, including 96 miles of bike lanes, 84 miles of multi-use paths, and 50 miles of designated bike routes.

  • Enjoy your breakfast in Foolish Craig’s Café. We recommend corned beef hash.
  • Book a full day mountain bike ride with Boulder bike tours picking a tour that matches your interests and skill levels. The tour will include all necessary gears, water and lunch for the day and an expert local guide who will help you find the best way to checkout Boulder’s incredible mountain rides. Some of the popular trails you will want to venture include Betasso Preserve, Marshall Mesa and Walker Ranch Loop.
  • Enjoy your dinner at Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar. We recommend grilled hawaiian yellowfin tuna steak.
Day 5

Last day of the trip

  • Enjoy amenities at your hotel or explore nearby attractions such as Pearl street mall until your flight time. Pack up your bag and head back to the airport dreaming about your next adventure.

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