Go on this family vacation to bond with your family at the largest theme park in the Pacific Northwest. With more than 70 rides, beach water park, steam engine train, live entertainment, several on-site restaurants everyone on the family will have crazy fun in this perfect family getaway.

little girl enjoying water park at silverwood theme park.

Travel tips
  • Buy your tickets online in advance to save money and time.
  • Go to the park as early as gate open to avoid crowd and enjoy your day.
  • Bring a wagon to load up your coolers, towels water etc. and of course your tired child.
Recommended daily itinerary

Estimated cost: $250-$350 per person

Day 1

First day of the trip, check in to your hotel and get settled.

  • Fly into Spokane Intl Airport.
  • Drive to Athol and checkin to Cedar Mountain Farm bed and breakfast. Located just 2 miles from silverwood theme park, here you’ll find cozy cabins, yummy buffet breakfast and a farm with friendly animals. Spend rest of the day exploring the cozy farm house and full petting zoo.
Day 2

Slide, spin, splash and race in park’s water slides..

  • Enjoy your buffet breakfast at Cedar Mountain.
  • Head to the theme park as soon as it opens. Make sure to take a 2 day ticket online so that you don’t have to wait in line. Once you are in the park, head over to tube rental area to get tubes for your party. Avalanche Mountain and Ricochet Rapid gets pretty busy later in the day, do these first and beat the crowd. Try other big slides like Velocity peak, Rumble falls and Riptide Racer before lunch.
  • Head overs to Pablo’s for classic mexican food such as burritos, quesadillas etc.
  • Continue with water slides. Lazy River is best to enjoy right after lunch. After couple of laps at lazy river, head over to wave pools, toddler springs and polliwog park. Return your tubes and head over to thunder canyon and log fume to end your crazy wet day.
  • Head over to Lindy’s for the best food in the park. We recommend the train burger.
  • If you finished your dinner before 7, you can hit up the 7pm Train ride. This 30 minute loop around the perimeter is filled with comedy, improv and guest interaction as your protective guide will give you historic facts about Silverwood and the surrounding area. Keep your eyes peeled as you might be able to see bison, wild animals and the occasional Sasquatch.
  • Head back to your hotel to rest up and recharge.
Day 3

You’ll be dry but equally thrilled with parks dry rides.

  • Enjoy your buffet breakfast at Cedar mountain.
  • Head over the the park arriving early again. Once again, hit the busiest rides early to beat the crowds. Head over to coaster alley first, followed by aftershock and spin-cycle. Tremors and Panic plunge are another good ones.
  • Grab your lunch at Casselli’s pizzaeria to enjoy a personal pizza or share a giant pretzel.
  • Continue exploring the park. There are tons of family rides to choose from including the legendary corkscrew roller coaster, which is the first modern roller coaster to take riders upside down. Don’t miss 3 pm magic show by Nick Norton.
  • Grab your dinner at Country bbq and enjoy some All-American bbq.
  • Stroll along Main street stopping by main street theater.
  • Head back to your hotel and rest up for the day.
Day 4

Last day of the trip

  • Enjoy amenities in Cedar Mountain farm until your flight time. Pack your bags and get ready to head back with an energized family.
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